Custom Golf Trophies


Custom Golf Trophies allow you to reward and inspire your valuable members and their guests.

Inspired Bronze will work with your club to create a trophy that is indicative of your club, your values, and your members. Create custom trophies to reward your champions, or a custom perpetual trophy to create a long lasting tribute to your members.

Custom Trophies can be designed around your club's logo or the theme of your golf tournament. Set your tournament apart with championship and flight winner custom trophies that your members and their guests will covet. Custom bronze or pewter tournament trophies are a great way to build additional value for your club and incent new membership.

Let us help you design a tradition!
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"From Concept to Creation...
Designing Tradition"

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"It has always been a challenge to find an award that is unique and different for our members. Inspired Bronze worked with us to design an award that incorporated our logo and the image of the trophy we wanted to present."- Council Fire Golf Club Wichita County Club