Who is Jennifer Lopez?

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Few artists have traveled so effortlessly from one artistic medium to another as Jennifer Lopez with her incredible array of talent as an acclaimed movie actress, a chart-topping musical artist and a fashion industry entrepreneur. Her trailblazing career boasts major box office hits, prestigious film nominations, the successful fashion line Sweetface by J.Lo, best-selling fragrances, and over 35 million albums sold worldwide.

When you're talking genuine pop superstars, you're talking Jennifer Lopez. The singer, actress, and entrepreneur is one of the world's most well-known artists, and from her earliest professional days as Fly Girl on ‘In Living Color’ to her upcoming album 'A.K.A.' (out June 17) she's turned heads with her bold career moves, natural charisma, and energetic music. Her six CERTIFIED titles are some of the most impressive music videos ever made - high water marks of dance pop. Two of them, "On The Floor" and "Dance Again" showcase her ongoing collaboration with Pitbull, a fruitful partnership that continues with the arrival of "We Are One (Ole Ola)," the official 2014 FIFA World Cup song. Lopez was in a relaxed mood for our CERTIFIED interviews, and she spoke passionately about the power of her fans and her deep appreciation for the audience. With more than 25 films to her credit, she also told us about what she looks for when making videos like “Live It Up” and “On The Floor” (as well as revealing some behind the scenes details). Extra treat: one of the most stylish women in pop fills us in on her fashion preferences. Welcome to CERTIFIED.


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