What is VEVO Certified?

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The relationship between artists and their fans is deeply passionate, and VEVO’S CERTIFIED program celebrates that passion. An elite group of artists – superstars all – have made music videos that have surpassed 100 million views on VEVO. Their fans are the drivers behind this achievement, wholeheartedly bringing the music into their daily lives. CERTIFIED honors such dedication while spotlighting the creativity that led to these tremendous milestones.

VEVO’s video view counts represent the only official metric across the digital landscape, including online and mobile views as well as those of syndication partner sites like AOL, Facebook, Yahoo! Music, and YouTube. Videos that have been “CERTIFIED” by VEVO have achieved a similar milestone to that of a Gold and Platinum album.

VEVO’s CERTIFIED statue signifies the visceral essence of music with a chiseled base and outstretched hand shaping a “V,” the universal music fan sign of approval. Its base is adorned with the Official VEVO CERTIFIED Seal on both sides, the VEVO logo on the back, and the artist’s accreditation on the front. It was sculpted by Matt Ramieri of the Florida-based company Inspired Bronze.

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