Inspired Bronze Featured in PGA Magazine May 2018

by Highforge


We had the honor of being featured in PGA Magazine this month. The article describes our work for Sleepy Hollow Country Club in New York, whom we had the pleasure of creating a fully custom award for, which is given to their golf champions. This custom golf trophy of a headless horseman was a lot of fun to create as we had to research every detail from the saddle to the headless horseman itself to ensure the golf trophy was perfect in every detail.

We take pride in ensuring the trophy is perfect in every detail to the customer. In this case we created a prototype based on our research and went through 3 revisions to ensure it was exactly what Sleepy Hollow Country Club wanted. In our usual process, we started with sculpting digital clay and followed with creating the perfect bronze award. Give us a call to get a custom award that is everything you want. You can read the full article at the link below on page 165.

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