Inspired Bronze creates VEVO CERTIFIED award

by Webmaster

Inspired Bronze created the newly presented VEVO CERTIFIED award.  The VEVO CERTIFIED award was created to celebrate the 100 million VEVO views milestone for music videos. It is a symbol that celebrates not only the most popular music videos but also the music fans – the ones who actually deliver the 100 million views.

The award signifies the visceral essence of music with a chiseled base and outstretched hand in classic “Rock On” style, the universal music fan sign of approval. Its base is adorned with the official VEVO CERTIFIED Seal on both sides, the VEVO logo on the back, and the artist’s accreditation on the front. The VEVO award is cast bronze finished with nickel plating and weighs around 5 lbs.

Each artist is interviewed by their biggest fan and presented with the VEVO CERTIFIED award.  Click here to view all videos or visit and spot the amazing VEVO CERTIFIED award created by Inspired Bronze. Click here to view all of the certified artists.