Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About the Lombardi Trophy

by Jackie

Lombardi TrophyWe’re now a month into football season, and if you follow a pro team, you’re probably asking the same question that many do: who will go to the Super Bowl and lift the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy over their heads this year?

It’s one of sports’ most recognized trophies, but there are some pretty interesting facts that most may not be aware of. Here are a few:

  • The original trophy was designed in 1967 by former Tiffany & Co. vice president Oscar Riedener. When Pete Rozelle, then-commissioner of the NFL, asked for a design during a meeting, Riedener (in true improvisational fashion) sketched it out on a napkin.
  • The trophy is created using age-old silversmithing techniques at the Tiffany’s workshop in New Jersey.
  • It takes about four months to complete the trophy, which is 22 inches tall, weighs seven pounds, and has a regulation-sized football made entirely out of sterling silver.
  • When the winning team receives the trophy on the field, it’s only for the sake of photographs and celebrations. The trophy has to go back to New Jersey after the game to get the winning team’s name hand-engraved on it.
  • There are 13 NFL franchises that have not won a Lombardi Trophy. (Four of which, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, have never even been to the Super Bowl.)

It’s still early in the season, and there are 12 weeks left in the regular season. Who knows which two teams will be heading to the Big Game this year. Maybe your favorite team? No matter what, it should be a fun year for football.