The DevilHawk Trophy for High School Rivals

by Jackie

A lot of us might remember the days of going to high school and knowing that our school’s football team had a rival. Today, high school football rivals are bigger than ever, and also much more fun for the students, the players, the coaches, and the parents. So when we got a call from Indian Trail High School in Kenosha, WI, to create a custom trophy that could be passed back and forth between their football team and their rival, Bradford High School, we were excited to add to their tradition.

The custom DevilHawk perpetual trophy was fabricated in etched bronze and mounted to a hand-crafted walnut wood base which included blank name plates for personalization each year. The winning school will keep the trophy until they are defeated! We incorporated the sponsor’s logo as well as both school’s logos in the design.

We sent a follow-up to Adam Paul King, Dean and Activities Director of Indian Trail High School, to see if the award arrived safely. Here’s what he said:

It is awesome!!!!!!!!! Coaches and kids love it.

No matter which team wins the trophy this year, we hope they enjoy it. You kids earned it!

Devil hawk co 1