Custom Award for LA Poker Open at Commerce Casino

by Jackie

At the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California, confident card players can try their luck in one of two LA Poker Open events. As events like these draw many competitors eager to win the top prize, Commerce Casino wanted to make sure that their champions received a unique award to go with their winnings.

They contacted Inspired Bronze to create a one-of-a-kind award. The award was fabricated out of five layers of metal and Starfire glass, then it was mounted on a base that was made from black Starfire glass.

A lot of care is put into the making of our custom awards, but another side of that is making sure that the custom award arrives at its destination ready for presentation. As Jeff King, Commerce Casino Tournament Representative, told us: “I must compliment you on the packaging of the shipment and security of the product. I have never received a shipment without at least one or more trophies damaged.”

But that wasn’t all Mr. King had to say: “More compliments are due as well; players, management and the poker industry love the final product. Thank you for your help, looking forward to awarding these trophies for years to come…Thank you again, it has been a great experience using Inspired Bronze!”

We’re glad that the Commerce Casino has an award that everyone is excited to get. And congratulations to the most recent winner of the Open!

Commerce CO

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