Animal Association of Texas

by Jackie

Rodriguez and Watson with awards
 We recently had the pleasure to make awards for an organization that works for a cause we at Inspired Bronze support and truly believe in, The Animal Association of Texas. This great organization was started to work to stop burdensome regulations on animal owners, rescues, shelters, and ranchers. Due to their success in doing so in 2015, and knowing this may have to be done again in the future they founded the Animal Association of Texas.


They reached out to us to create two awards for prominent Texas legislators who were key players in stopping the legislation that they were founded to stop. We were excited to help such a prestigious organization, especially when we found out that the legislation they stopped would impede vets at shelters from engaging in life-saving measures.


We were honored when we found out their expectations were exceeded on all levels and were honored to get the following testimonial from their organization.


“For our first awards we wanted something special, that would sit prominently on the shelves of the awardees, in this case, two prominent Texas legislators. Inspired Bronze took my unfiltered information to the design team and came up with an amazing award, in a very short period of time over a holiday weekend.  The awards were then delivered promptly.  Our expectations on all levels—customer service, design, delivery, pricing, and quality, were greatly exceeded.   We can definitely recommend Inspired Bronze!”


Brenda H. Collier, Board of Directors Chair

Animal Association of Texas


You can learn more about this organization at their facebook page located Here

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