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What's Next For Art In The Digital Age: A Conversation To Be Continued, Part II

Technology As An Artist’s Medium Part of the merger of art and tech also involves using technology as a medium. Much as one would use a paintbrush. Los Angeles-based digital artist Sterling Crispin, said “Technology is an extension of humanity, and an embodiment of the human spirit. We are by our very nature, tool users. The world of technology itself has its roots in craftsmanship and art, so I think it makes perfect sense for artists to directly create, confront, and utilize technology.” “Personally, I try to engage technology in a poetic, humanist sense, by looking for truths closer to the nature of being, and expressing them through high technology. For instance, there is a visceral spark, when two people look into each others eyes. That sort of warmth of the human experience is something I think technology can enhance and extend.”

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What's Next For Art In The Digital Age: A Conversation To Be Continued, Part I

As the Internet, and technology in general, becomes more pervasive and enters into almost every sector of business — from education to the art world, — new markets naturally emerge and new questions get raised about our collective culture. Specifically, fine art and technology — where these two disciplines touch –  is a fascinating arena, as it opens up a plethora of ideas about what art is, how we exchange it, who makes money from it, and how we experience it. In Los Angeles, a panel series on art and technology created by Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art gallery, started this spring and has continued throughout 2014.

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15 Awesome movie statues from around the world

Are movie statues becoming all the rage? With this week’s unveiling of aNapoleon Dynamite statue on the Fox lot in Los Angeles, and the much buzzed-about Robocop fixture still to come in Detroit, movie figures might just be the new military generals (or in Norway’s case, men who wrestle babies). Napoleon (Dynamite) and Robocop aren’t the first screen icons to be immortalized in stone, bronze, or the like. Here’s a look at other cinematic statuettes around the globe, some expected, and some not so much.

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Who is Jennifer Lopez?

Few artists have traveled so effortlessly from one artistic medium to another as Jennifer Lopez with her incredible array of talent as an acclaimed movie actress, a chart-topping musical artist and a fashion industry entrepreneur. Her trailblazing career boasts major box office hits, prestigious film nominations, the successful fashion line Sweetface by J.Lo, best-selling fragrances, and over 35 million albums sold worldwide.

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Inspired Bronze Quick Win Classic Awards & Trophies.

For those feather-in-cap moments, Inspired Bronze’s Quick Win Classic Awards & Trophies provide economical yet impressive accolades. We offer a variety of custom classics, including glass, acrylic, plaques, perpetual awards, golf awards and more. Quick Win Classic Awards & Trophies offer ready-to-go pieces for almost any achievement. Convenient and practical, you can order Quick Win Classic Awards & Trophies at a moment’s notice right here in our online store. We’ve made it easy for you to choose a quality, exemplary award at a modest price with Inspired Bronze Quick Win Classic Awards & Trophies.  

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