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Choosing the Best Alloys pt. 3

Lesser alloys are commonly used for cast metal trophies and awards by manufacturers internationally, and some in the USA. A rule of thumb for purchasing high-end sculptural awards or fine art is to request information on the alloy used for casting. The higher the copper content in the bronze alloy or higher the tin content in the pewter alloy, while ensuring the alloy is lead-free, the higher the material quality of the sculpture will be. Lower levels of copper contained in bronze can lead to thin, fragile castings that are prone to pits and can become easily damaged or corroded. The higher the tin content in pewter alloys, the more silver the final color of the sculptures cast in high-quality pewter alloys should allow for a brushed silver color without the gray/black tint you might find in alloys that include the lead.

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Choosing the Best Alloys pt. 2

Pewter is a metal alloy consisting primarily of tin. Although there are many pewter alloys used for different applications, alloys consisting of a high percentage of tin and no lead are preferred for sculpture. Inspired Bronze sculptural awards and sculptural art are cast using only the highest quality pewter alloy available. The alloy used is 98% tin,. 5% copper and 1.5% bismuth. This alloy allows for a beautiful finish in pewter without the potential health risks of pewter inclusive of lead.

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Choosing the Best Alloys pt. 1

Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily of copper. Although there are many bronze alloys used for the different applications, the silicon bronze alloy is the highest quality bronze alloy used for sculpture. The composition of Everdur silicon bronze is 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% Manganese. Everdur silicon bronze is the preferred alloy for sculpture because of its workability and resistance to corrosion. The higher the coppers content in bronze, the more expensive the ingots. Silicon bronze is used exclusively for Inspired Bronze sculptural awards and fine art.

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What’s New for 2014?

Inspired Bronze will be launching 'Quick Wins', a trophy resale line offering acrylic, crystal, metal trophy cups, resin trophies and much more. Stay tuned for more information about our 'Quick Wins' website launch.

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