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Top 10 Iconic Trophies

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What you didn’t know about the Masters Trophy

Everyone knows that the winner of The Masters Tournament receives the famous Green Jacket. It's less well-know that there is also a Masters trophy, and it, too, is presented to the winner.

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Art News: Mystery shrouds discovery of art trove stolen by Nazis

The discovery in a rubbish-strewn flat in Germany of nearly 1,500 paintings including works by Picasso and Matisse looted by the Nazis sparked urgent calls Monday to hunt for their rightful owners.

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The Importance of Recognition in a Workplace

Article from written by Brandon Gaille

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American Bronze Casting

Bronze is an alloy consisting mainly of copper, with lesser amounts of tin, zinc, and lead. The centuries-old tradition of casting bronze into sculptural form originates from such geographically and culturally diverse regions as Greece, Africa, Mesopotamia, and Asia. This intriguing and complicated material has long been associated with great historical epochs—some of the most astounding Western bronzes were produced during the classical and Renaissance eras. Yet before the mid-nineteenth century, Americans did not possess the technology to cast bronze sculpture in this country. Protean attempts were made without success, while functional objects such as weathervanes were cast in the base metals of lead or iron. American sculptors either relied on European foundries or, more often, had their works carved in the preferred medium of marble.

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