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Entertainment Awards

Entertainers are often honored with prestigious awards that recognize their excellence and outstanding achievements in the industry. Recognize these elite entertainers with a one-of-a-kind sculptural award. Inspired Bronze exemplifies uniqueness and guarantees exclusive, memorable custom artwork that will standout amongst other prestigious awards. Custom Entertainment Awards are designed with your event and distinguished level of achievement in mind. Bronze and Pewter awards are available in a variety of plating and finishing options. Some examples of Entertainment Awards are:

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Art News: Pottery fragments 20,000 years old found by Chinese and American scientists in a Chinese cave

Pottery fragments found in a south China cave have been confirmed to be 20,000 years old, making them the oldest known pottery in the world, archaeologists say. The findings, which will appear in the journal Science on Friday, add to recent efforts that have dated pottery piles in east Asia to more than 15,000 years ago, refuting conventional theories that the invention of pottery correlates to the period about 10,000 years ago when humans moved from being hunter-gathers to farmers. The research by a team of Chinese and American scientists also pushes the emergence of pottery back to the last ice age, which might provide new explanations for the creation of pottery, said Gideon Shelach, chair of the Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies at The Hebrew University in Israel. "The focus of research has to change," Shelach, who is not involved in the research project in China, said by telephone. In an accompanying Science article, Shelach wrote that such research efforts "are fundamental for a better understanding of socio-economic change (25,000 to 19,000 years ago) and the development that led to the emergency of sedentary agricultural societies."

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Thunderbowl Blood Bowl League selects Inspired Bronze to Remake Coveted Trophy

Inspired Bronze, Inc. (, designers and manufacturers of custom bronze awards, trophies and fine sculptural art, was selected to remake the Spike! Magazine Trophy for the Spike! Magazine Tournament presented by the Thunderbowl Blood Bowl League. Inspired Bronze will model the original Spike! design in clay and cast in bronze. The unique bronze trophy will be presented to the winner of the Spike! Magazine Trophy at the Spike! Magazine Tournament’s closing ceremony, September 30, 2012 in Vancouver, Canada.  Each year a trophy is awarded to the coach with the highest coaching record achieved at the Spike! Magazine tournament. “We enjoy working on unique projects and recreating the Spike! Magazine Trophy is ideal.  We are excited for the opportunity to recreate the original design and look forward to providing a high quality replica that the Spike! Trophy recipients will appreciate,” says Matt Ramieri, Inspired Bronze President and head artist. “We chose Inspired Bronze because they were committed to this project. Even when we had to back out of the project due to lack of funds at the time, they understood and throughout made inquiries at later dates asking how things were and whether we were still interested. Their follow-up is phenomenal, and they were eager to remake the Spike!. We had been to two other custom trophy designers that forged in bronze, one local and one in the States, but neither displayed the same follow-up, professionalism or skills that Inspired Bronze possessed. Their commitment to remaking the trophy to the life sized bronze replica of the original has been exacting, which is what we wanted from the beginning and we were glad to find a company that was focused on doing the same and doing it right.” said Craig McAree, member, Thunderbowl Blood Bowl League.To learn more about Inspired Bronze, please visit or contact Jackie Ramieri at 386-738-5637.About Thunderbowl Blood Bowl League Thunderbowl is the largest table top Blood Bowl League in the world. Established in 1998 with six Members in Surrey, British Columbia, and Canada. Thunderbowl in 2012 now represents the entire GVRD, with over 40 active Members annually and over 50 Thunderbowl Alumni. On top of hosting ongoing monthly events since 2005, the Thunderbowl also hosts the NAF Canada Major the Spike! Magazine Tournament: one of five NAF Major tournaments held once a year across the globe. For more information please visit Inspired Bronze Inspired Bronze, Inc. ( designs and manufactures bronze sculptural work to be displayed as fine art or incorporated in high-end custom trophies and awards. Using only the best materials, each sculpture is hand-crafted through each phase of the lost wax casting process and inspected before delivery by the company’s founder. Inspired Bronze also offers expert bronze repair and restoration; recognition plaques; and lost wax art casting services including mold making, wax casting and bronze finishing.

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Art News: Ken Perenyi Forgeries? Perhaps Faux Masterpieces

For nearly three decades Ken Perenyi made a small fortune forging works by popular 18th- and 19th-century artists like Martin Johnson Heade, Gilbert Stuart and Charles Bird King.

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GRAND-AM Trophy Created by Inspired Bronze featured on Indy TV

groupedThe Inspired Bronze created GRAND-AM trophy was recently featured on Indy TV.

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