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Inspired Bronze CollectionsUnique Trophies and Awards

Orlando Custom Awards and Trophies

Inspired Bronze specializes in custom awards and trophies in a variety of materials. Inspired Bronze Signature custom awards are designed and cast in bronze or pewter. Fabricated custom awards are available in crystal, glass and other unique award materials.

Stock Awards and Trophies

Inspired Bronze stock awards are available through the IB Award Store in a wide selection of crystal, glass, acrylic, bronze, pewter and other unique award materials. Our skilled account management team will work with you to find the right award or trophy to fit your event, budget and time frame. We specialize in personalized service for each of our clients. We carry thousands of ready to order awards so you can be sure we will find the perfect match for your awards program.

The Paragon Collection – Elite Bronze Reproductions

The Paragon Collection by Inspired Bronze offers the sculptural creation of elite products in bronze. The Paragon Collection captures in bronze the detail in these luxury items that discerning consumers have come to recognize. Extending our elegant, high-end brand tradition, each exclusive model is sculpted by an Inspired Bronze artist with painstaking attention to detail, while collaborating with your brand throughout the process. Each sculpture is cast in bronze and hand-finished by our talented team of artisans. We create exceptional custom artwork that is a direct representation of your company’s product and its exclusivity.


Art & Architectural

Bronze Repair & Restoration

Inspired Bronze offers complete bronze repair and restoration for bronze works of art

Art Casting

Inspired Bronze facilitates fine art bronze casting and pewter casting.  We offer mold making, wax casting, and bronze finishing services as well as mold making, pewter casting and pewter finishing services to sculptors. We only use the best materials for each part of the process from silicon bronze to lead-free pewter.

Architectural Plaques & Signage

Inspired Bronze offers cast plaques, etched plaques, ImageCast plaques, metal letters, granite monuments and recognition trees.