Cast Bronze & Cast Pewter

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Inspired Bronze Signature Awards and fine art sculpture are made exclusively in cast bronze and cast pewter.

It is amazing that processes documented to have been used as early as 408/7-407/6 BC, as is the case with lost wax bronze casting, and as early as the twelfth century, as is the case with pewter casting, are still in use today. Although materials have been enhanced and modernized over the centuries, the core principles of bronze and pewter casting remain the same today.

Cast bronze is the Inspired Bronze signature metal. All Signature custom bronze trophies and awards are created using silicon bronze, the highest quality bronze alloy used for sculpture. Cast bronze is a heavy, durable metal and is available in a variety of patina finishes and plating options including nickel and silver. All Signature custom bronze trophies and awards are made exclusively in America. Bronze epitomizes class and elegance and is a timeless, classic medium for sculpture.

Cast pewter Signature custom trophies and awards remain true to the luxury brand Inspired Bronze clients expect while offering variety and a quicker turn-around time than that of our Signature cast bronze sculptural trophies and awards. Pewter is considered the fourth most valuable metal in common use after platinum, gold and silver. Pewter is a soft metal and weighs less than bronze. Signature custom pewter trophies and awards are offered in a variety of finishes including the traditional pewter finish, 24k gold plating, rhodium plating and bronze plating. All custom pewter trophies and awards are made exclusively in America. Pewter allows for high-end recognition in a traditional metal recipients will cherish forever. 

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