Art Casting

Inspired Bronze facilitates fine art bronze casting. We offer mold making, wax casting, and bronze finishing services to sculptors. All work is created via the lost wax casting process. We only use the best materials for each part of the process and all bronze castings are in silicon bronze.

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Custom Bronze Art Casting Services

Marcia Moore of Ciamar Studios has this to say of working with Inspired Bronze: "Over the last four months I have had the pleasure of working with the Inspired Bronze foundry. As an artist/sculptor it is of utmost importance to feel the creative connection between the sculpture prototype and foundry. Inspired Bronze was extremely sensitive to my requirements as a creative expression became synchronized with their creative responsibility....the end result..fantastic. I want to thank inspired bronze for helping me complete this vision....the 4 bronze pinion trees were completed prior to schedule and I am very proud of this collaboration. thank you!

custom bronze casting

Helping Artists Create Custom Bronze Art

Artist Peter Berryman has this to say of working with Inspired Bronze to create bronze art: "Inspired Bronze has cast, finished, and patina'd 30 pieces of bronze sculpture for me. These included life-sized ravens, owls, eagles, and a 150 pound raven. Their work is detailed, professional, and artistic. They are fun to work with and on time. I have to love them."


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