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Inspired Bronze creates prestigious Steinway & Sons Sculpture

Inspired Bronze, Inc. (, designers and manufacturers of custom bronze awards, trophies and fine sculptural art, recently created a one-of-a-kind sculpture in bronze for Steinway & Sons. In the Presence of a Master was recently presented to the East Tennessee State University School of Music in recognition of their commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties with all Steinway & Sons pianos.  

Inspired Bronze modeled the custom bronze sculpture design after the iconic Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano. This piece, ‘In the Presence of a Master,’ incorporates a student sitting at the piano with his instructor standing beside him. The Grand Piano was digitally sculpted and rapid prototyped using 3D printing technology, the student and instructor models were created using a mix of digital sculpting and traditional clay sculpture. This design was presented to the East Tennessee State University School of Music recognized as an “All Steinway School.”  

“We are honored that Steinway & Sons has selected Inspired Bronze to create this highly complex sculptural design. We take great pride in our custom one-of-a-kind designs and this unique sculpture was especially thrilling to create,” says Matt Ramieri, Inspired Bronze President and head artist.

“This most distinctive sculpture captures the essence of a key relationship that goes straight to Steinway’s heart,” said Ron Losby, President, Steinway & Sons -- Americas. “The strong bond forged between a college student and music teacher, recreated in amazing detail by Inspired Bronze, vividly brings our magnificent Model D concert grand piano to life. It is a unique symbol of excellence synonymous with the highest standards of quality that have guided Steinway & Sons since 1853.”

To learn more about Inspired Bronze, please visit or contact Jackie Ramieri at 386-738-5637.

About All-Steinway School

The All-Steinway School designation is given to an institution directly by Steinway & Sons. An Inventory Analysis must be submitted to Steinway & Sons before approval can be granted.  All-Steinway Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties with the best equipment possible for the study of music. All the pianos owned by the institutions are designed by Steinway & Sons.

About Inspired Bronze

Inspired Bronze, Inc. ( designs and manufactures bronze sculptural work to be displayed as fine art or incorporated in high-end custom trophies and awards. Using only the best materials, each sculpture is hand-crafted through each phase of the lost wax casting process and inspected before delivery by the company’s founder. Inspired Bronze also offers expert bronze repair and restoration; recognition plaques; and lost wax art casting services including mold making, wax casting and bronze finishing. The new Designed to Order Collection, launched in January 2013, offers the same quality and craftsmanship in ready-to-order designs for faster availability.