Inspired Bronze is ideal for your Human Resource Awards


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The Human Resource department serves as a vital component in the success of any business or organization.  It is their job to consistently support the organization and its employees, achieving business objectives while keeping a positive workforce for all. 

Rewards and recognition can go a long way in promoting excellence within your organization.  Acknowledging your company’s top performers with high perceived value awards will build employee loyalty and encourage healthy competition among departments and employees.  Awards are a tangible representation of accomplishment, recognizing employees as instrumental in the success of your business.  Inspired Bronze is an ideal choice for creating a unique Human Resource Award that employees will value for years to come, guaranteeing a positive, motivated workforce.  Some examples for unique awards are:

  • Top performing sales person
  • Employee of the month, quarter or year
  • Award for most charitable work
  • Commemorative awards honoring legacies, founder or Senior Managers
  • Years of service awards and many more…

Inspired Bronze will take your idea for a Human Resource Award and turn it into a stunning reality.  Our team will work with you to incorporate the logo or theme of your company or product into a one-of-a-kind representation in bronze.

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