About Pop Lloyd and the Committee


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John “Pop” Lloyd played professional baseball in the Negro Leagues from 1906 to 1932, including two stints with the Bacharach Giants of Atlantic City. In 1910 he out-hit Ty Cobb in a Cuban winter league series, .500 to .385. His lifetime average of .368 is a point higher than Cobb's.

Lloyd was also a great teacher of baseball to young players. Countless Atlantic City kids learned about baseball and life from Lloyd, many of them when he filled the post of Little League Commissioner later in life.

The mission statement of the "Pop" Lloyd Committee notes that it’s purpose is "to commemorate, preserve, and amplify the historical legacy left by John Henry "Pop" Lloyd and Negro League baseball. Future generations who treasure the national pastime will benefit from the values engendered by "Pop" Lloyd and his lifetime commitment to American Youth. 

Inspired Bronze has been selected to create a custom bronze award for the John Henry “Pop” Lloyd Committee’s Humanitarian Award, presented during the annual Pop Lloyd Weekend award ceremony.

For more information on Pop Lloyd visit

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