Quality - The Inspired Bronze Difference

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Each Inspired Bronze trophy, award or fine art sculpture is hand-crafted, one at a time.  All sculptural design work created by Inspired Bronze, whether Custom or Designed to Order, is modeled by our talented team of sculptors and masterfully cast and crafted by our team of artisans.

It is easy to find a trophy or award that costs less than an Inspired Bronze award but impossible to find a sculptural award crafted with the talent, inspiration, quality, and attention to detail that you will find in an Inspired Bronze award.

Inspired Bronze awards are delivered with a luxury buying experience unmatched in the industry. At Inspired Bronze we recognize that your event and recipient are special and your buying experience should be as well. 

Look for the "Score" - The IB Score of Quality

A quality cast bronze or cast pewter sculpture will add beauty and elegance to your recipient’s home or office while acting as a reminder of the excellence they achieved. In the recognition industry there are trophies and awards – and there are Inspired Bronze cast sculptural awards. You get more out of an Inspired Bronze trophy or award because a great deal more goes into them. Our cast sculptural awards are more than objects of recognition. They are cast sculptural art, exquisitely hand-crafted by talented artisans, to be cherished and enjoyed for generations. How do you recognize an Inspired Bronze work? Look for the Score. Each Inspired Bronze sculptural trophy or award is marked with the Inspired Bronze Score of Quality.

To learn more about how to distinguish quality in cast metal sculptural work, download our Buyers Guide