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About Inspired Bronze

Inspired Bronze, Inc. is a luxury awards and fine sculptural art company. The company’s business philosophy is that quality and service cannot be compromised, promises must be delivered upon and integrity is the key to success. We deliver on that philosophy by:

  • providing a luxury buying experience to our customers that incorporates clearly-set expectations up front, superior project management and the highest level of responsiveness
  • using only the finest materials from silicon bronze and lead-free pewter to hand-made bases all made in the USA
  • under-promising, over-delivering and managing delivery dates with the utmost attention

We sell high-end, unique trophies and awards to the most discerning clients.

Our Mission

Inspired Bronze, Inc. seeks to inspire its customers by creating items of exemplary quality and design, made from the finest materials available that will be admired always. We aim to enrich our customer’s lives by delivering stunning works of art, all made in the USA with exceptional customer service and a luxury buying experience.

Our Values

  • Clients come first
  • All relationships are managed with the highest level of integrity
  • Exceptional quality, consistency, and attention to detail
  • Nurture employee talent and provide a learning working environment
  • Artist work and copyrights are sacred

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