Custom Trophies in Bronze or Pewter

Custom Bronze Award

“The John Henry Pop Lloyd Committee’s Humanitarian Award is presented to those who embody the spirit and dedication of Hall of Fame great, “Pop” Lloyd in his care for the youth of America. In our 20thanniversary year, the Pop Lloyd Committee chose Inspired Bronze to cast a bust in his image to underscore the greatness found in those honored each year.”- Michael Everett, Director
Pop Lloyd Committee.

There are typical awards like plaques, crystal or stock trophies and there are awards that truly inspire. Recognize those that achieve something extraordinary with a custom trophy or award designed uniquely for their achievement.

Signature Awards

Inspired Bronze signature awards are custom-designed for your organization and cast in bronze or pewter. Our artists will work with you to create the design that best represents your event and recipient. Like your recipient, custom trophies and awards created by Inspired Bronze are one-of-a-kind. Designs are never duplicated ensuring our clients receive an award you cannot get anywhere else.

We are dedicated to making the finest sculptural awards in the world and delivering our works with a luxury buying experience unmatched in the industry. 

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Custom Trophies

  • Donor Recognition
  • Unique Retirement Gifts
  • Medical Achievement Awards
  • Professional and Association Awards


"From Concept to Creation ...

Designing Tradition"